October 10 -12 - Vancouver, BC
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Sam Tarakajian

Product Engineer
Sam Tarakajian is a Brooklyn-based developer and artist, focusing on interface design for musical and creative tools. He's best known for his YouTube tutorial series, "Delicious Max/MSP", where he tries, sometimes successfully, to bring humor to teaching Max. As an engineer at Cycling '74 he's worked on Mira, an iOS app that synchronizes with a Max interface, and Node for Max, which lets users run Node scripts from inside Max. Outside of Cycling '74 he runs a co-op called CuteLab, hosting concerts and workshops related to multimedia art. CuteLab is responsible for Nestup, a programming language for rhythm, available both as a web app and a Max for Live device. Recently CuteLab has started making Eurorack modules as well, including Missed Opportunities, which adds probability to pulses. Sam has taught Max at IRCAM's summer program, and occasionally teaches a programming class at NYU entitled "Programming is the Art of the Possible", which investigates the intersection of engineering and compromise.