October 10 -12 - Vancouver, BC
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Wednesday, October 10

8:50am PDT

Keynotes: Welcoming Remarks - Jory Burson, Standards Liaison, Bocoup & Tracy Hinds, Head of Platform, Samsung NEXT
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Jory Burson

Community Manager, OpenJS Foundation
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Tracy Hinds

Director, Community Committee, Node.js Foundation
Tracy is the Head of Platform at Samsung NEXT International, and the Node.js Community Committee director on the Node.js Foundation Board by most other hours–she loves people as much as code. She's constantly scheming about the next conference she’s organizing and talking tech... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 8:50am - 9:00am PDT
West Ballroom C

9:00am PDT

Keynote: Programmers Don't Like People...or Do They? - April Wensel, Founder, Compassionate Coding
Since the early days of computing, the prevailing stereotype has been the isolated, sedentary, sleep-deprived, antisocial programmer. The culture that has developed around this harmful stereotype has led to unbalanced and ineffective teams, destructive behavior in our communities, and the high incidence of burnout among developers.

Software may be built on machines, but it’s built by and for human beings. If we want to create more useful software and enjoy more sustainable and fulfilling careers, we must make time to care about the wellbeing of our collaborators, our users, and ourselves. 

This talk will inspire you to care more about the people in your life—including yourself—and give you a practical framework for making more compassionate choices on a daily basis in order to become a more effective—and happier!—developer.

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April Wensel

Founder, Compassionate Coding
April Wensel is the founder of Compassionate Coding, a socially conscious business that’s bringing emotional intelligence and ethics to the tech industry. She has spent the past decade in software engineering and technical leadership roles at various startups in Silicon Valley... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 9:00am - 9:20am PDT
West Ballroom C

9:20am PDT

Keynote: But Why? - Sarah Novotny, Head of Open Source Strategy, Google Cloud
From Open Standards (ecma262) to Foundations (CNCF), Platforms (Node.js) to Libraries (Angular), Google is engaged in improving the status quo for Open Source Software. We will discuss Google's Open Cloud strategy as well as some of the projects we invest in to improve the JavaScript ecosystem and democratize the cloud technologies to run it.

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Sarah Novotny

Head of Open Source Strategy for GCP, Google
Sarah Novotny leads an Open Source Strategy group for Google Cloud Platform. She has long been an Open Source community champion in communities such as Kubernetes, NGINX and MySQL and ran large scale technology infrastructures before web-scale had a name. Novotny currently sits on... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 9:20am - 9:30am PDT
West Ballroom C

9:30am PDT

Keynote: Create, Deploy and Scale: Building Enterprise Grade Cloud Native Node.js APIs - Chris Bailey, Chief Architect, Cloud Native Runtimes, IBM
Node.js makes it easy to rapidly build applications and microservices and to deploy those to cloud platforms. However as those applications grow and become more complex, it becomes increasing hard to deliver highly responsive, scalable solutions. Additionally, whilst nearly all Node.js applications are now deployed to the cloud, very few of those exploit the full potential of modern cloud computing platforms.

For years, IBM has been committed to making Node.js enterprise ready through key contributions to the community. Join Chris Bailey as he shares how IBM is expanding those contributions to open source projects aimed at helping you build enterprise grade APIs, and cloud native Node.js applications.

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Chris Bailey

Architect, Cloud Native Runtimes and Frameworks, IBM
Chris is the Chief Architect for Cloud Native Runtimes at IBM, leading teams that contributing to open source communities for the Node.js, Java and Swift runtimes. Chris has worked on runtimes, programming languages, and application frameworks for almost 20 years, and has most recently... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 9:30am - 9:40am PDT
West Ballroom C

9:40am PDT

Keynote: From “Open Source” to “Development in the Open” - Chris Dias, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Microsoft’s history with Open Source Software actually began long ago, but recent projects like Visual Studio Code and TypeScript are some of the most popular, most active, and most “open”. What do these projects do differently, and what can we all learn from them?

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Chris Dias

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Chris Dias is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft working on Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, and Azure. VS Code and TypeScript are two of Microsoft’s flagship open source projects, enabling developers on Mac, Linux, and Windows to easily build and deploy modern Node applications... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 9:40am - 9:50am PDT
West Ballroom C

9:50am PDT

Keynote: Contrasting Approaches For Tech Transformation - Alex Grigoryan, Senior Director of Software Engineering, Application Platform and Online Grocery, Walmart
There are multiple paths you can take when transforming the technology stack: do you make the change in pieces or at once? Do you build out a POC or the framework first? Should the transformation be mandatory or optional? Walmart Labs tried two completely different approaches to tech transformation and learned some surprising information along with valuable lessons for the future.

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Alex Grigoryan

Sr Director of Software Engineering, Application Platform and Online Grocery, Walmart
Alex is the head of engineering for the Online Grocery business and the Application platform team at WalmartLabs. Online Grocery is currently the fastest growing business within Walmart and Application platform is responsible for the development of Electrode, an open source project... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 9:50am - 10:10am PDT
West Ballroom C

10:10am PDT

Keynote: Can the Web Save the Internet of Things? - Rob Tiffany, Founder and CEO, EnterpriseIoT
IoT has failed to live up to its potential because it’s too complicated, requires too many esoteric skillsets, is too expensive and isn’t secure. Enough already! It’s time to use the open, proven, W3C technologies that we all understand. The world doesn’t need another wire protocol. It needs simplicity to drive value for business and society. Join Rob as he illustrates how the future of the Internet of Things will be based on the web that’s all around us.

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Rob Tiffany

Founder and CEO, EnterpriseIoT
Rob is the Founder and CEO of EnterpriseIoT, a company focused on building the Internet of Humans & Machines with a distributed Edge Computing system that uses the power of Digital Twins to deliver value to business & society. Prior to EnterpriseIoT, Rob served as the CTO at Hitachi... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 10:10am - 10:30am PDT
West Ballroom C
Thursday, October 11

4:10pm PDT

Keynote: Developing Code, Confidence and Community with Girl Develop It - Corinne Warnshuis, Executive Director, Girl Develop It
Join GDI's Executive Director to hear inspiring stories of empowerment from the community, and find out how to get involved in your local chapter (in one of 60 US cities).

avatar for Corinne Warnshuis

Corinne Warnshuis

Executive Director, Girl Develop It
Corinne is a passionate advocate for community-centered movements and believes in their power to change the world. She is the first Executive Director of Girl Develop It, a national nonprofit that empowers women through affordable and accessible programs focused on web and software... Read More →

Thursday October 11, 2018 4:10pm - 4:30pm PDT
West Ballroom C

4:30pm PDT

Keynote: Controlling Tesla Model 3 from Node.js - Alex Roytman, Founder and CEO, Profound Logic
JavaScript is capable of some pretty amazing things that many people aren’t even aware of. I decided to demonstrate this by controlling my Tesla Model 3 using Node.js and a tablet. I was able to quickly write an application that let me control the car by doing things like honking the horn and unlocking the car.

In my efforts, I used the Profound.js framework, which simplified building the user interface and the application logic to integrate with the car.

In this session, I will walk you through the Tesla application I created and demonstrate how the free Profound.js development framework made it possible. As I recreate the application in real time, I’ll take your questions about Node.js, JavaScript, and Profound.js, as well as give a live demo of remotely contacting my Tesla Model 3!

avatar for Alex Roytman

Alex Roytman

Founder and CEO, Profound Logic
Profound Logic (http://www.profoundlogic.com) founder and CEO, Alex Roytman, is an innovator in the field of using JavaScript for real-world business applications. He works diligently to bring new technologies like the latest in Node.js and HTML5 to enterprise clients.Alex and his team are always working hard to create cut... Read More →

Thursday October 11, 2018 4:30pm - 4:35pm PDT
West Ballroom C

4:40pm PDT

Keynote: Node for Max—Bringing Node to Desktop Creative Software - Sam Tarakajian, Product Engineer, Cycling '74
The Max application allows our users to define complex, interactive multimedia for installations, performances and design. While the core is written in C++ with the JUCE framework, we've started using JavaScript and Node to build extensions like file browsing, package management and search. Our latest work with Node is a user-facing package called Node for Max, which allows our users to write custom Node applications that run in parallel with the main Max application. With this tool, users could monitor a Max installation remotely, or design a generative music algorithm in JavaScript, or build a network of Max patches that communicate with each other. We're excited to talk about our technical approach and some of the creative possibilities that we envision.

avatar for Sam Tarakajian

Sam Tarakajian

Product Engineer, Cycling '74
Originally starting as a engineer, Sam now works on Software and Product Development at Cycling '74, including tasks ranging from software engineering to product related research and development. His work includes projects like Mira, an app for tactile control of a Max patch, Node... Read More →

Thursday October 11, 2018 4:40pm - 4:45pm PDT
West Ballroom C

4:50pm PDT

Keynote: JavaScript: Enterprise Adoption and Usage - Garth Hansen, Software Engineer, The Walt Disney Company
Despite being over two decades old, not until recent years has JavaScript really been acknowledged as a first-class citizen within corporate enterprise software. Join us as we look at some of the hurdles JavaScript has overcome in order to reach its current level of adoption and glance into JavaScript architecture and tooling being used today within The Walt Disney Company.

avatar for Garth Henson

Garth Henson

Software Engineer, The Walt Disney Company
Garth is a JavaScript engineer and Software Architect who has recently found a love for public speaking. Having worked in the JavaScript ecosystem for over a dozen years, he enjoys sharing his experiences with others through his appearances at tech conferences, university tech talks... Read More →

Thursday October 11, 2018 4:50pm - 5:10pm PDT
West Ballroom C

5:10pm PDT

Keynote Panel: Node.js at Massive Scale - Yunong Xiao, Netflix; Jessica Chan, Pinterest; Mike Hiskes, Lowe's ; AD Slaton, Turner Broadcasting System; Kris Borchers, JS Foundation
Hear directly from four diverse companies on how they leverage Node.js to power their digital infrastructure and the lessons they've learned from running Node.js at massive scale.

avatar for Jessica Chan

Jessica Chan

Senior Software Engineer, Pinterest
Jessica Chan is a senior software engineer at Pinterest focusing on the web platform. She works to build and maintain the web infrastructure that serves hundreds of millions of users worldwide. She launched one of Pinterest's first Node.js production systems and built a template rendering... Read More →
avatar for Mike Hiskes

Mike Hiskes

Principal Architect, Lowe's
Mike Hiskes is Principal Architect for Lowe’s Digital Platforms.  Mike is leading the transformation of Lowe’s digital technologies by utilizing cloud native technologies.  One of the first steps in this was moving eCommerce from a traditional JSP front end to Node.js backed... Read More →
avatar for AD Slaton

AD Slaton

Principal Architect, Turner Broadcasting System
AD Slaton is Principal Architect at Turner Broadcasting System, where he is the leader of the CNN Digital Architecture Organization. AD is a technology leader with over a decade of diverse experience building world-class software. He is a technology expert with a proven track record... Read More →
avatar for Yunong Xiao

Yunong Xiao

Director, Serverless Computing, Tencent
Yunong is Director of Serverless at Tencent Cloud. He is a staunch Serverless champion, having first worked on it in 2011. Previously he was leading the architecture of the Netflix API Serverless Platform - making microservices more accessible to developers and enabling container... Read More →

Thursday October 11, 2018 5:10pm - 5:40pm PDT
West Ballroom C

5:40pm PDT

Keynote: Closing Remarks - Myles Borins, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform & Ziran Sun, Principal Open Source Engineer, Samsung
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Myles Borins

Developer Advocate, Google
Myles Borins is a developer, musician, artist, and maker They work for Google as a developer advocate serving the Node.js ecosystem Myles cares about the open web and healthy communities
avatar for Ziran Sun

Ziran Sun

Principle Engineer, Samsung
Ziran Sun is an Open Source Engineer at Samsung Research UK. She has been involved in a few open source projects, including webinos, blink/chromium and IoTivity. Currently, Ziran is looking at 5G network related areas.

Thursday October 11, 2018 5:40pm - 5:50pm PDT
West Ballroom C