October 10 -12 - Vancouver, BC
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Functions as a Service (Serverless) [clear filter]
Wednesday, October 10

11:00am PDT

Leaving the CDN Behind: Building a JavaScript SDK in a Serverless World - Daniel Brain, PayPal
Last year at PayPal, we open-sourced our suite of cross-domain JavaScript libraries — including xcomponent, post-robot, and other tools we use to power our cross-domain web components.

This year we've been upleveling our SDK from a static CDN script to a fully dynamic resource, embracing serverless principles and shipping a custom-tailored JavaScript bundle for each client. We'll talk about:

- How we're running webpack and babel on the server to dynamically transpile and bundle our code.
- How we're using npm to deploy and activate new code, and avoiding redeploying entire pools of servers.
- How our SDK is tailored to load only the code, images, configuration, and localization each client needs, without lazy-loading slowing down our renders.
- How we're shipping our SDK with evergreen versioning while keeping it upgradeable and future-proofed.


Daniel Brain

Lead Engineer, PayPal
Daniel has been an engineer at PayPal for over 5 years, and is currently a lead engineer in the Checkout team at PayPal. He leads a team of engineers in delivering the PayPal Checkout SDK and large partner integrations.

Wednesday October 10, 2018 11:00am - 11:30am PDT
West Ballroom A

11:40am PDT

Going FaaSter: Function as a Service at Netflix - Yunong Xiao, Netflix
The FaaS revolution is taking the world by storm. Customers love the no-ops and ergonomics of this new paradigm. They enable a revolution in developer velocity, allowing engineers to deploy code to production much faster than before. At Netflix, these features are a perfect fit for the Netflix API Platform, which provides engineers the ability to write and deploy tier-1 services using JS without having to manage infrastructure or operations. However, there are trade-offs to consider. Most offerings today are great for latency intensive tasks, but not for fully fledged services that need to be latency sensitive, reliable, and elastically scalable. Learn about the architecture and internals of Netflix’s JS FaaS platform, which lets engineers deploy JS functions as production services, capable of delivering latency-sensitive services right in the heart of every request to Netflix.

avatar for Yunong Xiao

Yunong Xiao

Director, Serverless Computing, Tencent
Yunong is Director of Serverless at Tencent Cloud. He is a staunch Serverless champion, having first worked on it in 2011. Previously he was leading the architecture of the Netflix API Serverless Platform - making microservices more accessible to developers and enabling container... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 11:40am - 12:10pm PDT
West Ballroom C

12:20pm PDT

Zero to Production with the Serverless Framework - Diana Lee, BeApplied
Have you ever dreamt of getting an entire, functionality-rich service to production in a number of days? At Applied, we use the Serverless Framework to cut costs & deploy microservices with speed, efficiency and accuracy. This workshop will introduce you to the world of serverless (What, When & Why) and walk you through deploying your first production-ready application. It condenses specific lessons Diana has learnt from shipping full APIs in days; from 0 to production, and concepts scattered across numerous online resources.

You will not only walk away with a formidable understanding of how Serverless & cloud services like AWS Lambda work, but also a methodology to quickly solve everything you would worry about when building an app (code quality, testing, CD, authorisation, databases, etc), so you can truly focus on building business logic. Basic knowledge of NodeJS & CLI / Git required

avatar for Diana Lee

Diana Lee

Principal Engineer - Integrations Lead, BeApplied
Diana is a Principal Engineer and the first hire at Applied, a company focused on radically improving hiring, making it fairer, faster and better. She has been involved of every aspect of the platform; from DevOps & continuous deployment, to shipping integrations with other hiring... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 12:20pm - 12:50pm PDT
West Ballroom C

2:20pm PDT

Master Serverless with JSF Architect - Brian LeRoux, Begin
Cloud functions have been taking the industry by storm. Always available, scale transparently, only pay for the compute you use (100% utilization) and deploy instantly with zero downtime. However, getting started is fraught with complexity and configuration. In this workshop you will quickly learn all the angles of 'serverless' technology using Amazon Web Services:

- A Brief Introduction to Amazon Web Services
- Introduction to JSF Architect
- Intro Web Dev: HTML and JSON with API Gateway
- Intro Web Dev: Custom Domains with Route53 DNS
- Test Driven Intro to DynamoDB: Setup and DB Design
- Test Driven Intro to DynamoDB: Reads
- Test Driven Intro to DynamoDB: Writes
- Scheduled Functions
- Build and deploy a JSON API
- Build a Slackbot: Slash and Mentions
- Build a Slackbot; Buttons and Menus
- Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

JSF Architect tames AWS complexity and gets you immediately productive deploying live to isolated staging and production environments. We will set up a CRON function that runs on an interval completely in the cloud. We'll create a website on a brand new domain and be deploying to in seconds complete with user auth and state. We'll create a stateless restful JSON API. We'll close the workshop by building a completely functional bot for Slack.


Brian LeRoux

CTO, Begin
In 2007ish Brian created wtfjs.com and later in 2009 at the first JSConf introduced PhoneGap. In 2012 he stewarded the creation of Cordova at the Apache Software Foundation as Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems. Currently, he is the CTO and co-founder of begin.com from which arc.codes... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 2:20pm - 4:10pm PDT
West Meeting Room 121-122