October 10 -12 - Vancouver, BC
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Wednesday, October 10

11:00am PDT

What's New in Node.js Core? - Franziska Hinkelmann, Google
Node.js 10 just entered Long Term Support (LTS). Let’s look at some exciting new features and what the future holds for Node.js Core.

avatar for Franziska Hinkelmann

Franziska Hinkelmann

Software Engineer, Google
Ph.D. software engineer working at Google on GCP, previously Chrome V8. Node.js TSC member. ❤️ JavaScript. she/her

Wednesday October 10, 2018 11:00am - 11:30am PDT
West Ballroom C
  Node.js Project
  • Experience Level Any

11:40am PDT

Going FaaSter: Function as a Service at Netflix - Yunong Xiao, Netflix
The FaaS revolution is taking the world by storm. Customers love the no-ops and ergonomics of this new paradigm. They enable a revolution in developer velocity, allowing engineers to deploy code to production much faster than before. At Netflix, these features are a perfect fit for the Netflix API Platform, which provides engineers the ability to write and deploy tier-1 services using JS without having to manage infrastructure or operations. However, there are trade-offs to consider. Most offerings today are great for latency intensive tasks, but not for fully fledged services that need to be latency sensitive, reliable, and elastically scalable. Learn about the architecture and internals of Netflix’s JS FaaS platform, which lets engineers deploy JS functions as production services, capable of delivering latency-sensitive services right in the heart of every request to Netflix.

avatar for Yunong Xiao

Yunong Xiao

Director, Serverless Computing, Tencent
Yunong is Director of Serverless at Tencent Cloud. He is a staunch Serverless champion, having first worked on it in 2011. Previously he was leading the architecture of the Netflix API Serverless Platform - making microservices more accessible to developers and enabling container... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 11:40am - 12:10pm PDT
West Ballroom C

12:20pm PDT

Zero to Production with the Serverless Framework - Diana Lee, BeApplied
Have you ever dreamt of getting an entire, functionality-rich service to production in a number of days? At Applied, we use the Serverless Framework to cut costs & deploy microservices with speed, efficiency and accuracy. This workshop will introduce you to the world of serverless (What, When & Why) and walk you through deploying your first production-ready application. It condenses specific lessons Diana has learnt from shipping full APIs in days; from 0 to production, and concepts scattered across numerous online resources.

You will not only walk away with a formidable understanding of how Serverless & cloud services like AWS Lambda work, but also a methodology to quickly solve everything you would worry about when building an app (code quality, testing, CD, authorisation, databases, etc), so you can truly focus on building business logic. Basic knowledge of NodeJS & CLI / Git required

avatar for Diana Lee

Diana Lee

Principal Engineer - Integrations Lead, BeApplied
Diana is a Principal Engineer and the first hire at Applied, a company focused on radically improving hiring, making it fairer, faster and better. She has been involved of every aspect of the platform; from DevOps & continuous deployment, to shipping integrations with other hiring... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 12:20pm - 12:50pm PDT
West Ballroom C

2:20pm PDT

Automated Accessibility Testing - Dylan Barrell, Deque
In the last couple of years, the accessibility community has started to change. Awareness is picking up. Major tech and retail companies are talking about and investing in accessibility conferences. There's also more regulations around accessibility, such as the New European directives, the ACAAct, the Ontario AODA, Section 508 and the U.S. ADA. Just as the physical world should be accessible for people with disabilities, it's now time that the internet provides that same equality and opportunity.

In this talk, I will discuss and demo the axe JavaScript ecosystem: the automated, open source accessibility tool which will empower you to take accessibility into your own hands.

avatar for Dylan Barrell

Dylan Barrell

Chief Technology Officer, Deque
Dylan is Deque's Chief Technology Officer and has been focussed on accessibility for almost a decade. He created the first browser-based developer tool for accessibility and is motivated to make accessibility a standard part of the development process.In addition to his work experience... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 2:20pm - 2:50pm PDT
West Ballroom B
  • Experience Level Any

2:20pm PDT

Master Serverless with JSF Architect - Brian LeRoux, Begin
Cloud functions have been taking the industry by storm. Always available, scale transparently, only pay for the compute you use (100% utilization) and deploy instantly with zero downtime. However, getting started is fraught with complexity and configuration. In this workshop you will quickly learn all the angles of 'serverless' technology using Amazon Web Services:

- A Brief Introduction to Amazon Web Services
- Introduction to JSF Architect
- Intro Web Dev: HTML and JSON with API Gateway
- Intro Web Dev: Custom Domains with Route53 DNS
- Test Driven Intro to DynamoDB: Setup and DB Design
- Test Driven Intro to DynamoDB: Reads
- Test Driven Intro to DynamoDB: Writes
- Scheduled Functions
- Build and deploy a JSON API
- Build a Slackbot: Slash and Mentions
- Build a Slackbot; Buttons and Menus
- Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

JSF Architect tames AWS complexity and gets you immediately productive deploying live to isolated staging and production environments. We will set up a CRON function that runs on an interval completely in the cloud. We'll create a website on a brand new domain and be deploying to in seconds complete with user auth and state. We'll create a stateless restful JSON API. We'll close the workshop by building a completely functional bot for Slack.


Brian LeRoux

CTO, Begin
In 2007ish Brian created wtfjs.com and later in 2009 at the first JSConf introduced PhoneGap. In 2012 he stewarded the creation of Cordova at the Apache Software Foundation as Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems. Currently, he is the CTO and co-founder of begin.com from which arc.codes... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 2:20pm - 4:10pm PDT
West Meeting Room 121-122

3:00pm PDT

WebAssembly: Of Portability, and Performance - Deepti Gandluri, Google
WebAssembly is a portable binary instruction format, it is an emerging standard being developed in the WebAssembly community group. Support for WebAssembly has now shipped in major browsers, and is enabled by default in Node.js 8. Though WebAssembly is designed to run on the web, it is also desirable that it executes well in JavaScript VMs like Node.js. Let's talk about where WebAssembly is now, some practical use cases, and what is in store for the future.

avatar for Deepti Gandluri

Deepti Gandluri

Software Engineer, Google
Deepti is a Software Engineer at Google working on WebAssembly. She is currently working on implementing WebAssembly future features in V8, Chrome's JavaScript engine. Deepti previously worked on Native Client, and x86 simulators. She also enjoys tiny electronics projects, and sewing... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 3:00pm - 3:30pm PDT
West Ballroom A

3:00pm PDT

Bridging the Designer-Developer Gap, PWA Edition - Antoinette Janus, PBS Kids
Progressive web applications are all the rage. React, Vue, and Angular dominate the developer field. Recently, Safari announced support for web manifests in their browser, Chrome support pre-existing the announcement. Job postings require developers to know some level of a web application framework. With all of the mentioned buzz around PWAs, developers strive to include these technologies. Problems lie when communicating this excitement and necessity to designers. This panel shares knowledge about what a PWA is, why they matter, and further why they matter to designers. This talk covers the broad strokes of performance (such as first paint, asset management), a brief walkthrough of a web manifest in terms of a designer, and how website audits (such as lighthouse, sonarwhal) are mutually beneficial to both designers and developers.

avatar for Antoinette Janus

Antoinette Janus

Software Engineer, PBS Kids
Antoinette Janus is a Software Engineer at PBS Kids. Outside of work, she is working on multiple projects, including a headless WordPress x React client portfolio rebuild, Daily_ToDo (Electron x React), and many small-scale projects including her Zelda Music Maker (https://acjanus.co/zelda-song-generator... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 3:00pm - 3:30pm PDT
West Ballroom C

3:40pm PDT

Math In JavaScript Can Be Awesome - Dominic Kramer, Google
New libraries such as TensorFlow.js (js.tensorflow.org) are powerful tools for utilizing machine learning in JavaScript. However, their capabilities extend beyond machine learning.

In this talk, Dominic Kramer will be demonstrating how these libraries are making JavaScript an awesome platform for mathematics and scientific computing in areas beyond machine learning by showing concrete examples of using the libraries to explore other interesting areas of mathematics.

avatar for Dominic Kramer

Dominic Kramer

Software Engineer, Google
Dominic Kramer is a software engineer at Google and is part of the Node.js Team that works on creating tools that improve the Node.js development experience. These tools include a trace agent, debug agent, and logging and error reporting libraries.In addition to his software engineering... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 3:40pm - 4:10pm PDT
West Ballroom A

4:40pm PDT

Internationalize your Web Applications with Globalize.js - Alolita Sharma, AWS
Globalize.js is one of the most popular open source JavaScript internationalization libraries used by web applications today. This library is leveraged both by large enterprises and by startups to support i18n and L10n. It interfaces with client platforms (e.g., via React) and server implementations (e.g., via Node.js). Globalize.js uses Unicode CLDR data and closely follows the UTS#35 specification. This talk will introduce the key features of Globalize.js and then highlight new capabilities, performance optimizations, and data distribution mechanisms that have been added recently. The talk will also cover feature requests yet to be implemented and how you can contribute to Globalize.js.

avatar for Alolita Sharma

Alolita Sharma

Principal Technologist, Amazon Web Services
Alolita Sharma is a Principal Technologist at Amazon Web Services. Currently, she drives open source strategy, infrastructure and programs for open source projects such as Open Distro for Elasticsearch. Two decades of doing open source continue to inspire her. Alolita has built and... Read More →

Wednesday October 10, 2018 4:40pm - 5:10pm PDT
West Ballroom C
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5:20pm PDT

npm and the Future of JavaScript - Laurie Voss, npm, Inc.
npm has more than 10 million users, and they download 7 billion packages a week. We also ran a direct survey of 16,000 JavaScript devs this year. That gives us more data about what JavaScript users are doing and where the community is going than anybody else. Let us tell you about yourselves, without bias, without trying to sell you on something. This talk is about what tools you use, what the community believes best practices really are, what frameworks are on the rise and which are on the wane, and where the major pain points are for devs right now. Let us help you plan your technical choices in 2019.

avatar for Laurie Voss

Laurie Voss

Co-founder and COO, npm, Inc.
I’ve been a web developer for 22 years and I’m currently the co-founder and COO of npm, Inc.. I care deeply about making the web bigger, better and accessible to everyone.

Wednesday October 10, 2018 5:20pm - 5:50pm PDT
West Ballroom C
Thursday, October 11

9:00am PDT

Building Websites for the Invisible Majority - Keerthana Krishnan, Baker Hughes
The Internet is still a luxury in certain parts of the developing world.Barely half the world is connected online but this is a trend that is rapidly changing. It is estimated that from South Asia alone, nearly a billion users are set to be added to this ecosystem by 2020, bringing with it a ton of new challenges including:
* How can we build websites for someone who is illiterate?
* How can we improve our current internationalization models until they fit seamlessly into our website experience?
* How are our current designs and methods failing in creating a welcoming experience for brand new users, especially those who have never used the Web before in any form?
The talk will provide specific case studies and user stories to illustrate these points so we can begin to examine the Internet as being a truly global medium that has no borders


Keerthana Krishnan

Software Engineer, Baker Hughes
Keerthana Krishnan is a software engineer at Baker Hughes, a GE company. Keerthana is an international speaker at events like Open Source Summit Europe 2017 in Prague, DebConf16 in Cape Town and FOSSASIA 2017 in Singapore. She participated in Google Summer of Code 2016 as an intern... Read More →

Thursday October 11, 2018 9:00am - 9:30am PDT
West Ballroom A
  Community and Developers
  • Experience Level Any

9:00am PDT

Standardizing JavaScript - a Look at Ecma and TC39 - Jory Burson, Bocoup
JavaScript is an openly standardized programming language, but what does that mean and how does it work? This talk will provide a brief introduction to Ecma, the standards body home to the JavaScript specification and its standardization efforts, what it means to create and implement open standards, and describe TC39’s role and impact on the world of web standards. We’ll also take a look at the future of web standards, and how the process is evolving to fit the needs of modern developers.

avatar for Jory Burson

Jory Burson

Community Manager, OpenJS Foundation

Thursday October 11, 2018 9:00am - 9:30am PDT
West Ballroom C
  • Experience Level Any

9:40am PDT

Panel: Don't Break the Web! - Evolving JS While Keeping Developers Sane - Moderated by Maggie Pint, Microsoft
TC39 as a committee has a long history with amazing high points, and a couple of lows as well. Over time the committee has evolved from a small group of contributors to a large gathering representing every corner of the JavaScript ecosystem. The committee’s one mission is to deliver incredible JS language features for the whole community, without breaking the web. Come hear from TC39 delegates (members) about the complexities of evolving the ECMAScript programming language, how the TC39 process works, and how TC39 is working to involve the community. Opportunities will be available for the audience to submit questions for the committee.


Maggie Pint

Senior Software Engineering Lead, Microsoft
Maggie Pint is a software engineering lead in Azure's Production Infrastructure Engineering (PIE) organization. Her team works on improving the engineering systems experience for Microsoft's web developers. Maggie also coordinates open source and inner source education and incentive... Read More →

avatar for Myles Borins

Myles Borins

Developer Advocate, Google
Myles Borins is a developer, musician, artist, and maker They work for Google as a developer advocate serving the Node.js ecosystem Myles cares about the open web and healthy communities
avatar for James Snell

James Snell

Head of Research, NearForm
James is Head of Research at NearForm and a contributor to Node.js core. His contributions include features such as HTTP/2, the WHATWG URL implementation, and, most recently, an implementation of the QUIC protocol.

Brian Terlson


Thursday October 11, 2018 9:40am - 10:10am PDT
West Ballroom C
  • Experience Level Any

9:40am PDT

Tales From the QA Crypt - Jennifer Voss, Elsevier
An anthology of QA horror stories from the past, and how to avoid such situations with TDD. When tests are built in from the beginning and not tacked on after features are built, fewer defects are created and development moves faster. JavaScript has all the tools required to cover your automated testing needs, and writing tests in the same language as your app is a no-brainer. We'll cover the tools available today and the logistics of merging your QA and dev teams.

avatar for Jennifer Voss

Jennifer Voss

Software Engineering Lead, Elsevier
Jenn is a Software Engineering Lead on the Precision Medicine team at Elsevier. Based in Philadelphia, she is responsible for building cutting-edge products that reach millions of users. She is a Google Developer Expert in web technologies, and organizer of LibertyJS, PhillyJSDev... Read More →

Thursday October 11, 2018 9:40am - 10:10am PDT
West Meeting Room 118-120

11:20am PDT

Wiring the Internet of Things with Node-RED - Nick O'Leary, IBM
Node-RED is an open-source visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things. Built on top of Node.js, it provides a light-weight, browser-based editor that makes it easy to integrate different streams of both physical and digital events.

It is ideal to run at the edge of the network, such as on a Raspberry Pi, but also within the cloud. It provides a framework for adding new nodes to its palette, extending its capabilities. Originally developed by IBM team, it is now a project of the JS Foundation.

The project has recently introduced version control directly within the editor allowing it to integrate closely with a developer's regular workflow.

This talk will introduce Node-RED and show how it can become an invaluable tool for creating IoT solutions. The talk will demonstrate a complete developer workflow from development to production with an application that deploys across devices.

avatar for Nick O'Leary

Nick O'Leary

Node-RED Project Lead, Open Source Developer, IBM
Nick O’Leary is a Developer Advocate at IBM with a focus on IoT technology areas. He previously worked in IBM’s Emerging Technologies group where he got to do interesting things with interesting technologies and also play with toys. His focus on IoT comes from having worked on... Read More →

Thursday October 11, 2018 11:20am - 11:50am PDT
West Ballroom C
  • Experience Level Any

2:40pm PDT

JS Behind the Firewall - Glenn Hinks & Roberto Marte, American Express
For several years now there has been a quiet revolution going on behind some of the best known financial company firewalls. You will probably just be surprised that these well-known names are even in this space. American Express is more closely aligned with the startup than you think. You would recognize all the current technologies that big enterprise uses. All the current full stack technologies node, react, web pack ... are in use at the big enterprise. Enterprise is quickly moving into the progressive application space. There are many challenges when you have a profitable mature organization. I'm going to discuss the differences between using the current full stack technologies, adopting best practices, using Node.js as your backend, and page performance. Amex is doing its best to turn around the way it works and give back to the community. This is a very new thing for Amex.

avatar for Glenn Hinks

Glenn Hinks

Lead American Express Cardshop, American Express
I graduated in 1991, no google, no iPhones, no www. Things have gotten much better, I started off writing software for fly by wire aircraft, moved into satellite & communications, worked in investments, tried my very best at startups and am still having a wonderful time. For the last... Read More →

Roberto Marte

Card Shop Framework Leader, American Express
Roberto Marte is a long time full stack develop that has made worked on many of the current and previous frameworks. Roberto really enjoys his job and has made many open source contributions. Roberto is currently the American Express Card Shop Framework Leader.

Thursday October 11, 2018 2:40pm - 3:10pm PDT
West Meeting Room 118-120

2:40pm PDT

Building a Threat Model & How npm Fits Into It - Adam Baldwin, npm
Who might want to attack your application? If they tried, how would they succeed? Answering these questions is an important exercise that helps you understand how to keep your application secure, so you can sleep at night.

In this talk, Adam will teach you what threat modeling is and how to build threat models for your organization and applications. Because npm is such a critical part of how your developers build JavaScript applications, Adam will show you how npm fits into your threat model and how to use npm's tools to keep your JavaScript secure.

avatar for Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

Sr. Product Manager, Supply Chain Security, GitHub
Adam Baldwin is a Senior Product Manager focused on supply chain security at GitHub. A security focused leader with over 25 years of experience, Adam has spent his career building companies, breaking into companies, managing teams, designing products, and talking about security non-stop. Previously... Read More →

Thursday October 11, 2018 2:40pm - 3:10pm PDT
West Ballroom B
  • Experience Level Any

3:20pm PDT

Machine Powered Refactoring: Leverage AST’s to Push your Legacy Code (& the Web) Forward - Amal Hussein, Bocoup
Web apps are evolving targets which show their age via varying degrees of code cruft. Tech debt is an expected side-effect of living production web apps, and the challenge lies in paying down the debt while still pushing forward.

Enter Abstract Syntax Tree’s...

AST’s enable developers to parse input code into a predictable tree data structure that can be easily traversed, manipulated and then regenerated in place. Transpliers such as BabelJS use this powerful pattern to transpile ES2015+ down to a baseline of ES5.

While this 1:1 transpiling is the most common usage of ASTs, they can also be leveraged to supercharge the transformation of your legacy code to meet the conventions, libraries, and/or design patterns your team is using today.

Amal aims to demystify the process by breaking down the steps of how to build your own custom AST based transforms.

Happy Traversing!

avatar for Amal Hussein

Amal Hussein

Engineering Manager, npm

Thursday October 11, 2018 3:20pm - 3:50pm PDT
West Ballroom A